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Employee Spotlight: Patti J. Green

Resident Led Change: Putting Heart Into Every Home 
Q&A with Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County staff member Patti J. Green, Neighborhood Revitalization Director

How long have you been working for Habitat? 
I’ve been working at Habitat for 5 ½ years total: 2 as a volunteer and 3.5 as an employee. 

What first brought you to Habitat?
The desire to volunteer originally brought me to Habitat SPBC. As I volunteered in the office and in the field, I got to know the staff, their passion for the work they do and witnessed staff in action even when they didn’t know I was observing them. I saw their hearts leading them and “I felt that”. I saw them, I see how the community responds, and I see how they are part of the communities they work in. 

 I see myself and our work as an instrument in resident-led change.

“I have the honor and privilege of working in Neighborhood Revitalization, alongside amazing staff, volunteers and homeowners. I stay because of their community. I stay because I believe we are all making a difference. I believe in listening to the communities we serve and the change or strengthening of their communities they want to see. I see myself and our work as an instrument in resident-led change. I stay to be a voice and facilitate a platform for those communities and community members to amplify their voices and advocate for their wishes.”

“Home” means heart to me.

What does HOME mean to you?
HOME means heart to me. Whether home is renting, or owning. Owning your home, owning your land. For me, HOME is where my heart is. I will continue to help those around me in any capacity to define, build, uplift, rejuvenate, revitalize and preserve their HOME.

What is your favorite or most memorable moment during your tenure at Habitat?
So many. I would have to say, every time we complete a project with a homeowner who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford critical repairs or home modifications that allow them to remain safely in their home, they are truly touched. And it motivates me to find more ways and funding to keep doing the work we do so these multigenerational homes and families can stay in their homes as long as possible. It makes me truly feel like I’m doing what I love and loving what I do.

I’m doing what I love and loving what I do.

What is a fun fact about you?

I absolutely love to play sports! Namely basketball, softball and volleyball. Out of practice but looking to find “fun leagues” out here in Florida.

And I’ve probably worked most jobs you could think of as I began working at the age of 13! ?

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