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Baker Family

“A Habitat Home means I will no longer have to work two jobs to keep a roof over my head”

Roshel is a very proud grandmother. She works two jobs as a Pharmacy Technician at Costco and CVS.

Habitat Partner Family

Baldwin Family

“It is the biggest blessing in my life that Habitat has given me this opportunity for my daughter to have a bright future.”

Craig is a single dad who works at Publix Distribution Warehouse. Due to lack of access to affordable housing in our community, Craig had to move back with his mother to have a place to live.


Christina Thermil

Christina Thermil works as a medical assistant in the orthopedics field with Baptist Health. She is a mom to a 10-year-old son, Onyx, who loves gaming and has a passion for engineering and math. Together, Christina and her son love to travel and experience new cultures. As a first-generation college graduate, Christina is committed to furthering her education, currently studying to become a radiation therapist. As she works to achieve this dream, she looks forward to being financially independent and having a positive impact on health and wealth. Growing up, Christina’s family faced the challenge of constantly moving from place to place, which instilled in her a desire for stability and a place to call her own. The opportunity to become a Habitat Homeowner presented itself as a chance to break free from this cycle of uncertainty and create a stable foundation for herself and her son. When Christina found out that she had been selected for the Habitat Homeownership Program, she was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. As she begins her journey to first-time homeownership, she looks forward to helping build her own home from the ground up. She shares that being actively involved in the construction process will empower her with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful homeownership. This hands-on approach will foster a sense of pride and a deeper connection to the place she will soon call home. “Becoming a Habitat homeowner will be a transformative experience that will profoundly impact my life and the life of my son, Onyx. The stability and security provided by having a safe and permanent home will alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often accompany unstable living situations. It will provide a sense of stability and permanence that will enable us to thrive and focus on our personal and professional goals,” said Christina.

Collins Family

"My faith in God and my children give me the motivation I need to make each day great.”

Meredith Collins, who was born and raised in Pahokee, has always said that family is of great importance for her. She will be sharing her future home with her three children, Gary, Tavarious, and Precious. Meredith has been sleeping on her couch so that her children can have their own rooms. She is so excited to be moving into a home where her and her children can have their own space.

Women Volunteering - Habitat for Humanity

MyShayla Wilfork

“A Habitat home will help us save money, live sustainably, and become debt-free.”

MyShayla, an Assistant Bakery Manager at Publix, is on a journey to become a first-time homeowner. She is looking forward to the sense of peace that comes from knowing her children will have a safe place to call their own

The McNeal Family Habitat Partner Family

McNeal Family

James and Brenda McNeal will be sharing their home with their three-year old granddaughter. The McNeal’s were excited to participate in Habitat’s homeownership preparation classes and feel they learned a lot. They are excited to finally be achieving their dream of homeownership and have been incredibly enthusiastic through the entire program.

Murphy Family Home Owners - Habitat for Humanity

Murphy Family

“Being a homeowner is a dream come true. I look forward to building memories and meeting milestones with my family in our future home.”

Sharell Murphy was born and raised in Boca Raton and works as an Administrative Assistant at Campbell Property Management; she has been with the organization for 8 years. Sharell is a mother of three adult children, 24-year-old Lucas, 23-year-old Kaitlyn, and 21-year-old Christopher. In her free time, Sharell loves to fish, decorate, and encourage others. Sharell first learned of Habitat for Humanity through a friend who previously built with Habitat. She is looking forward to learning more about homeownership through Habitat’s Homeowner workshops. Sharell is most excited to have a permanent residence her grandchildren can enjoy.

Rebecca Carter

Rebecca (Becca) Carter is a single mom to a 12-year-old daughter, Briella, and works at a printing company in sales and customer service. In her spare time, she enjoys training her two dogs and painting. Becca’s daughter takes after her in her love of painting and dreams of having her art displayed at a museum one day. Becca, who has always dreamed of becoming a homeowner, had been working for years to be in a position to purchase a home. She learned of Habitat for Humanity through another nonprofit and decided to apply. When the news arrived that Becca and her daughter Briella had been accepted into the Habitat Homeownership Program, Becca was overcome with a sense of disbelief and gratitude. The dream of providing Briella with a place to call home, a sanctuary where memories could flourish, was finally within reach. As Becca works diligently to complete the Habitat Homeownership program requirements, she is also working to achieve a personal goal of moving into her home debt-free. She knows that an affordable home will allow her to save for retirement and Briella’s education. When asked how becoming a Habitat Homeowner will change her life, Becca said “I will be able to start focusing on memories, on the future, instead of focusing on where we are going to live next year and if I can even afford it.” As Becca and Briella embark on this journey, they look forward to the life-changing impact of homeownership. Their new home will be more than bricks and mortar; it will be a place to thrive, to feel safe, and to build a better life.

Ryan Mason

Ryan Mason, a determined 28-year-old Reserve Veteran, has been a proud servant in Africa during his military tenure. Originally from Broward County, Ryan's move to Palm Beach County in 2022 marked a significant step in his journey towards independence, exemplified by his decision to sell his car for a stable living arrangement. Raised in a hardworking family, Ryan embodies values of resilience and community spirit, fostered through his bond with his 83-year-old grandfather, his parents, and his brother Daniel. Currently a Security Professional at a Country Club in North Palm Beach, Ryan's life is enriched by his hobbies of jogging, hiking, weightlifting, and cherishing moments with loved ones. His path intersected with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Palm Beach County through a fellow veteran colleague, igniting his excitement about home construction and community involvement. Ryan is focused on honing his financial skills, starting a family, and adopting a pet as he steps into the world of homeownership. He eagerly looks forward to decorating his new home and contributing positively to the Lake Worth community. Expressing his gratitude, Ryan shares, "I want to be a positive member of the community in Lake Worth. I'm looking forward to having my first pet since being out on my own, a dog. I really believe Habitat is making a difference"

Habitat Partner Family South Palm Beach County

Teal Family

“Becoming a first-time homeowner will be a dream come true.”

Alicia is a single mom of three boys who works as a security officer. Despite working a full-time job, she has experienced homelessness on more than one occasion in the past. Partnering with Habitat will provide Alicia with an opportunity to purchase an affordable home where she can raise her family.

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