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October Employee Spotlight: Holly Carson-Pardue

Q&A with Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County employee Holly Carson-Pardue. Homeowner Services guides families through every step of their journey to become proud, successful and economically empowered homeowners.

Name and current title
Holly Carson-Pardue, Homeowner Services Director

Years at Habitat
Almost 4 years!

What brought you to Habitat?
THE MISSION. I’ve been working in nonprofits in Palm Beach County since I was 18 years old and Habitat is by far the most critical mission I have ever had the pleasure to be part of. My first job was working at a 24 hr shelter for abused and neglected children and that’s when I decided I wanted to empower families to become independent and provide a better life for their children. I am a native of Palm Beach County and I am addicted to serving families and seeing them thrive.

What makes you stay?
Seeing our families become successful in building wealth for their families.

What does HOME mean to you?
EVERYTHING. A place my family and I can be safe and secure, and especially, proud of. A place my children are happy to come home to. I want every family in this county to have that same security.

Favorite or most memorable moment during your tenure at Habitat?
When a family of 4 young boys walked through their new Habitat home and saw their new rooms with big smiles on their faces. My kids were there to witness it and it made a significant impact on them.

A fun fact about you?
I am a twin and I have twins. I hit the lottery when I found out I was having a boy and a girl. My family is everything to me. 

Do You Bring Smiles To Faces In Our Community?

Join Holly in making a difference in our community. Get Involved in SPBC Habitat for Humanity volunteer opportunities! 

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