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October Volunteer of the Month: John Watts

John Watts has volunteered for 12 years with Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County.

John Watts was born in Michigan and moved to Florida in 1966. Married for 51 years to the love of his life, Mary, who he met in college and together have two sons and four grandchildren.  John’s always been involved in some sort of volunteer work such as coaching soccer, Boy Scouts and the Homeowners Association. He retired from FPL after 38 years as an electrical engineer.  

After a year of home projects, John decided to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County and has been there for about 12 years – so far.  

“I wanted to stay active, learn new things, meet people and give my wife a break. I enjoy working with my hands and like to learn how to do different things required to build a home. I enjoy working with others and, in particular, the people working for HFH like Maria, Michael, Dean, Popeye, Jeff and many others who have been fantastic. The volunteers and future homeowners that are willing to work have been great too.”

John Volunteer Habitat

John doesn’t have any particular task he enjoys doing more than others with HFH, but he does like framing walls, roofing (when it’s not too hot) and installing wallboard but does not particularly care to level the ground or lay sod. His favorite memories with HFH are just working with and getting to know the people.  

John says that anyone considering volunteering with Habitat for Humanity should decide what they would be interested in doing, considering any of their physical limitations, and then volunteer where they think they could help the most. He recommends several areas that can fit pretty much anyone’s desires are construction, harvest or the Restore. 

“No one is asked to do anything beyond their comfort level and you meet great people.”

Join other future homeowners and volunteers and make a difference in our community. Get Involved in SPBC Habitat for Humanity volunteer opportunities!

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